Indian Cuisine – The Breath Of Every Indian

When we hear the term Indian Cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is the spice and aroma. Yes, Indian cuisine is totally known for its aroma and taste. This aroma and delicious taste in the food is due to the varieties of spices and herbs that are used in it. Each state in India has a separate taste and that is why in Indian cuisine, the same dish tastes different when it comes from a different region. Diversity is the spice of the Indian cuisine. Each state use different techniques thus resulting in the varieties of Indian dishes.
It is also said that the religions in different areas have influenced the Indian cuisine. Another important factor that has influenced the Indian cuisine is the traders who have left behind their culinary skills. This did not change the Indian cuisine completely, the Indian cuisine has retained its identity and the quality of the food had just got richer. The authenticity of the Indian cuisine still stands tall because the people grasped the techniques quite well. Also, religiously, Indians avoid the use of pork and beef in their dishes. Apart from this, the use of spices and other western products has increased the richness of the food.
There are umpteen numbers of regions that have influenced the Indian cuisine. Some of them are Punjabi, Sindhi, Hyderabad, Chettinadu, Kashmiri, Marathi and many more. These regions differ from each other in the type of ingredients they use and also by the techniques used in cooking. Also, the pulses, condiments, nuts, cereals make the Indian cuisine different from that of other countries. In the recent times, many new websites have been launched that features Indian cuisine recipes. This has helped the amateurs to learn this style of cooking in an easy manner. Thus, the Indian cuisine has evolved from our ancestors.