Indian cuisine – Most preferred across the globe

With more than 50 Indian castes which have their own cultures and traditions, the diversity it brings in the nation as well as the cuisine is just unbelievable. Though the eating habits between the North and South Indians differ to a great extent, each and every dish which is born in this country is guaranteed to be lip smacking. It is a known fact that the multicultural system in India is one of the sole reasons for the variety of culinary styles. Also, with the tastes of the people changing from time to time, the food industry has evolved itself in a massive way. This development has paved way for the branded company products from Dabur, Brittania, Mother Diary and Amul. Such craving for food from the citizens of India is also a result of western impact.
Also, because of the different varieties and delicious dishes, Indian cuisine has gained worldwide popularity. It is also evident that Indian cuisines are not only meant for the main and entre dishes, even traditional desserts stand out to a great extent. The non-alcoholic beverages have succeeded in turning people into a fan of Indian cuisine because of its unique flavors. The main reason for such improvement in the food industry is due to the foreign interest in the different cuisines of India. This has created a huge impact and also certain influence in the style of Indian cooking.
Being divided over 28 states each stated have a special dish that speaks for itself. Distinct flavors of spices in each dish make a huge difference. Regional foods include the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, sweets, beverages, pickles and chutneys. People around the globe prefer Indian cuisine not only because it’s delicious but also for its high nutritional value. The main secret behind the delicious Indian dishes are the use of different types of spices. Apart from these spices, a lot of other ingredients are used to enhance the look and taste of the dish.