Dosas – Indian Cuisine at a Whole New Level

Dosa (singular form) is a South Indian dish that seems to have followers from all around the world. This particular dish alone exhibits a completely different dimension to the Indian Cuisine. Dosas are a rage in the US, right across New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston and so on. Exclusive dosa restaurants are teeming with people right from the opening time. So, what’s so special about this dish that has caught everyone’s fancy? Well, it is a simple Indian dish, dosa is a pan-cake (only this is bigger) made from a batter containing a proportionate mixture of rice and a variety of Indian pulse (known as Urad dhal in Hindi). The shape of a dosa is usually a big wide circle, and is cooked by spreading out the batter on a flat fry pan. The result is a crispy delight whose certainly lingers in your mouth for a while.
In fact, this particular dish is so famous world over that, BBC World News did an exclusive story on dosas! Yes, they are as popular in the UK as they are in US. Although the dosa can be eaten straight from the pan, the accompaniments that are usually served alongside are equally tasty. Some of these side dishes have a larger set of fans than the dosa itself! These include the sambhar (a type of lentil broth) that has such an amazing aroma that has such a powerful pull! Then there’s the colorful list of chutneys made from the paste of mint, or tomatoes and onions, or ginger, or coconut and a variety of other Indian spices. These savory dishes are tasty, as well as nutritious. Did you know that there are over 50 varieties of dosas? Of course the number varies depending on the creativity of the chef, so what are you waiting for?